About Pt. Ramanuj Sharma (Bhrigu Shastri)

Pt. Ramanuj Sharma who is at present efficiently carrying the legacy under the blissful guidance from his Late. Father Pt. Janardhan Dev Sharma and enacted the teachings from his mother Mrs. Satish Janardhan Dev Sharma.  Being the eldest son responsibilities had come upon him due to early demise of his Late. Father Pt. Janardhan Dev Sharma.

Pandit Ji in his early youth has started helping his mother at work and under her guidance he was able to learn and even render service to both religious and social activities performed in the city. It is indeed a privilege for him to somehow be a part of all such activities and supporting various social causes etc. . Even many contributions and donations to all the leading religious temples associations have been part of his noted activities. Many poor & uneducated children and also many destitute girls are being fully supported financial by pandit ji himself. Apart from such known activities various other socials activities in the name of brighu family is known the world over. He as a social activist has been full support on the behalf of Hoshiarpur in rendering his services to any such calamity or crisis that occur in any part of India. Under his generous and undeniable support many bhrigu ji’s bhagats under his influence also participate in many such events that are for the welfare of the people, he himself says,” What we have is HIS (ALL MIGHTY) blessing, if we have then we should distribute among those who need”. Daily kanya pujan and distribution of educational goods are always conducted in various schools by him on various occasions. Poor girls marriages and free medical camps etc.

This is the sheer hard work of pandit ji his grit and determination that enables him to carry out such welfare activities along with the hectic and devoted job of reading out kundlis, for the nation and people who come to seek help under the shelter of Maharishi Bhrigu Ji Maharaj.

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Pt. Ramanuj Sharma
Bhrigu Shastri
68, Railway Mandi
P.O. Box: 146001
Hoshiarpur, Punjab