History of Bhrigu Samhita

The Bhrigu Samhita is an astrological(Jyotish) classic attributed to Maharishi Bhrigu Ji during the vedic period, Treta Yuga, although evidence available suggest it was compiled over a period of time by various shishyas (students in the time age) of Maharishi Bhrigu ji.

bhrigu samhita hoshiarpurPerhaps the Bhrigu Samhita set to have penned downed by Shukrachary dictated by Rishi Bhrigu who was master of Brahmvidya. Lord Bhrigu ji was born on fire. His body was charred yet the illumination of knowledge made him shine like fire. Since Shri Bhrigu ji was very learnered. His ego was difficult to appease. In Hindiuism, the trinity of Brahma (Progenitor), Vishnu (saviour) and Mahesh (Destroyer) is well known. The trinity symbolizes God. Once Bhrigu ji in order to judge who among the three gods is the greatest of all. It is said that among the three only Lord Vishnu was able to impress Bhrigu ji. The story goes like this Bhrigu ji in anger had kicked Lord Vishnu on the chest in his false ego to being the greatest Brahmin. On realising his mistake he immediately apologised to Lord Vishnu, who forgave him. It is well known that destiny places role in the formation or birth of remarkable thing. This rude action of Bhrigu ji infuriated Lakshmi ji who cursed Bhrigu ji that all the coming generations of Brahmin will bear the wrath. Maharishi Bhrigu ji apologised to Lakshmi ji and suggested him to write Bhrigu Samhita. This Granth would enable to Brahmins to earn their livelihood through the reading done.

Origin of The Granth

bhrigu railway mandi hoshiarpurBrahmins are considered the most learned among all the four castes in Hindus. Thousands of years ago, originally, Shri Bhrigu ji the “ eldest Manas Putra” of Shri Bharma ji, a very kind highly learned and supremely evolved in his mind decided to compose one such manuscript which when read by man, should open layers upon layers of his past, present and future lives. Bhrigu Samhita was originally a massive data of birth charts of millions and trillions of human beings to inhabbit this Planed Earth. The samhita was originally written in Pali which was perhaps later translated in Prakrit and then in Sanskrit.

With the passage of time like during foreign invasions of India by various Muslims form the north west in the 12th and 13th centuries, The Brahmin community became dispersed all over India. The invaders captured prime assets of the Brahmins. This Granth witnessed history of India. The Granth was valued by some secular rulers who thereby enabled life to the Granth. Originally it was written on “Bhoj Patras” (Barks of trees). They were later copied into papers by the help of various Sanskrit scholars who credited this help. Which we are able to avail today. Though the material of the paper is very delicate and the ink is dimmed some horoscopes are written still on tree barks, on the whole are fragile and difficult to handle. The preservation of the Samhita is the most difficult task. It is not possible for everybody to find his or her horoscope in the pool as the whole Granth in quantity is in tonnes and tonnes. It takes a period of time to get it matched and later predicted in reading to the person concerned.

For those intrested, you must visit the centre or contact Dr. Pt. Ramanuj Sharma for further proceedings. It may take time to find your reading, but it happens when the time is right or when Bhrigu ji reciprocates with your prayers/desires. Theses are direct words of the Godhead himself, and they are revealed in the heart of one who approaches with, and follows the words with, faith.