The past is gone, present is known but full of trials and tribulations, ups and downs. Our present makes all of us pin our hopes on future. But we all know that future is mysterious. Many question arise when people come to know of the Granth – “what good will it server to know my past.” The theory of “Karma” is the base of Samhita. Whatever one has done in past he has to pay in future. Many of such puzzling questions keeps on revolving in our mind. The amazing accuracy of the predictions contains in the Bhrigu Samhita attracts all rich, poor, educated and illiterate people in millions have benefitted with the readings of this Granth.

From all walks of life, business, service, politics films, army, religion etc. And people from India and abroad have had their life readings read out, done the required “Karma’s” and seen first hand the predictions of this miraculous Granth coming true! Reactions vary from tears of devotions and humble acceptance to doubt and incredulity. Millions of horoscopes are indexed geographically by the name of the river sides. Modern day national boundaries are refered as “Manu Desh” stands for present Europe, “Patal Desh” stands from U.S.A, “Yavan Prant” for the middle east etc. Interestingly, horoscopes of foreigners do not mention the cast under which a person is born.